Saturday, August 03, 2013

Some More Vintage Allen & Ginter: Four More American Fish Cards!

It's certainly comes as no surprise to any of you reading this that I'm a set collector.  After all, a simple glace at my want list will show you all the sets that I'm currently attempting to complete (or you could go here to see a few of the sets that I've actually finished).  However, there is one set that I don't keep on my want list and yet I've been actively trying to finish it...

Which set?

None other than the American Fishes set from Allen & Ginter - the original Allen & Ginter (1889!).  I've been scouring eBay off and on for the last year or so and nabbing various fish cards whenever they appear in A) a "good enough" condition and B) an affordable price tag.  I'm fairly relaxed on what I consider "good enough" in terms of condition, after all, this is a set that is well over 100 years old (and made of cardboard).

What I'm not so lenient on is the affordable price tag.  If you are willing to spend $20.00 (or more) for a low graded fish card, you could probably complete the set a lot quicker than I am...  However, if you aren't made of lots of dough for spending on 100+ year old cardboard, you have to play the waiting game.  Every once in a while, a seller will post a bunch of cards at once and then I try to pounce (saves on shipping).

As you can see from the scans in this post, I was able to land four more needed fish for my set.  That pushes the total number of cards that I own to 22/50 which is just shy of half!  All things considered, I'm pleased with my progress, though I imagine the second half of the set will be much harder to complete given that I'll have the majority of the cards!

If you are interested in seeing the entire set (as I own it so far), you can see a scan of each card in my 1889 Allen & Ginter American Fish gallery.


Greg Zakwin said...

congrats on the pickups! nothing like original Ginter!

Chris said...

I like these cards. They have a lot of nice color to them.

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