Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Griffey Cameo plus an Awesome Dugout Shot!

Welcome back to another day full of group break packs!  I'm writing this post on Saturday, about 15 hours after the Reds beat the Pirates in a 10-inning Friday night showdown.  Tonight (my time), the Reds play game two of the series...which means by the time you read this the Reds will either be one game up or one game behind Pittsburgh.  And, more importantly, by the time you read this I'll be in the car heading to Pittsburgh myself to catch the final game of the three game series (Pittsburgh is about four hours or so from my house).  That's why I have to write today's posts ahead of time - enjoy!  (And root for the Reds in Sunday's match-up!)

1993 Upper Deck:
Pack 5:
Melvin Nieves - Braves
Bash Brothers (R. Sierra & M. McGwire) - Athletics

Tim Salmon - Angels
Alan Embree - Indians
Royal Family (W. Joyner, G. Brett, G. Jefferies) - Royals
Mickey Tettleton - Tigers
Dave Valle - Mariners
Jack Morris - Blue Jays
Tony Pena - Red Sox
Mike Morgan - Cubs
Lance Parrish - Mariners
Travis Fryman - Tigers
Steve Buechele - Cubs
Bud Black - Giants
Daryl Boston - Mets
Brett Butler - Dodgers
Ray Lankford - Cardinals
Chili Davis - Twins
Rob Deer - Tigers

My favorite card in the pack!
Darryl Kile - Astros
Roberto Hernandez - White Sox
Bernie Williams - Yankees
David Cone - Blue Jays
Henry Cotto - Mariners
Gary Gaetti - Angels
Scott Bankhead - Reds
HR7.  Homerun Heroes:  Joe Carter - Blue Jays

The Blue Jays pick up their first insert card of the break - which means we now have 22 of the 30 teams with at least one insert, short print, or hit already!  That's awesome for everyone involved!

The first pack was fun - let's rip one more for today's morning post.  Sound good to you?

Pack 6:
Carlos Garcia - Pirates
Jose Canseco - Rangers
Bill Wegman - Brewers
Rich Rodriguez - Padres
Pat Mahomes - Twins
Jack McDowell - White Sox
Mark McGwire - Athletics
Scott Leius - Twins
Joe Oliver - Reds

A great, great photograph!
Stan Javier - Phillies
Chuck Knoblauch - Twins
Scott Scudder - Indians
Jay Buhner - Mariners

Griffey Jr. cameo!  
Steve Sax - White Sox
Jack Morris - Blue Jays
Bip Roberts - Reds
Brady Anderson - Orioles
Mike Magnante - Royals
Orel Hershiser - Dodgers
Mark Leiter - Tigers
Harold Baines - Athletics
Rusty Meacham - Royals
Dan Smith - Rangers
Jim Abbott - Angels
Royal Family (again) - Royals
Sterling Hitchcock - Yankees
HR12.  Homerun Heroes:  George Bell - White Sox

That's it for now - though I still have a boatload of packs to bust open in the upcoming days!


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