Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Nachos Grande Group Break is Coming! Get Ready! Plus Some Trade Bait!

As the post title states, I have a new group break that I'm excited to announce.  The break will consist of a bunch of boxes from a variety of manufacturers (and a variety of years).  However, I can't say anything more than that until I actually have the boxes in hand (something I hope happens when I get home from work today)!  This post is more to whet your appetite - and hopefully convince you to scrape together some spare change in order to claim a slot.

I'll have more information on pricing, slots, and all the boxes in the near future - as I said, hopefully even by tonight assuming the boxes all arrive!

Until then, perhaps I could interest some of you in a trade?  I'm planning on listing the following cards on eBay or Listia - but I'll give my loyal readers a crack at 'em first.  I'll happily work out trades for 'em or, if you prefer, I can sell 'em to you.  Heck, I'll even trade my cards for LEGO sets and figures!  What can I say, I'm an easy going guy...and I like getting mail.

Here's some trade bait from this year's Gypsy Queen set:

21.  Ivan Nova - Yankees - Green Border Mini - #86/99

81.  Larry Doby - Indians - Green Border Mini - #94/99

8.  Andre Dawson - Cubs - Black Border Mini - #099/199

118.  Ruben Tejada - Mets - Black Border Mini - #084/199

128.  Roger Bernadina - Natioanls - Brown Border Mini - #04/50

And last but not least, if you haven't yet voted in my current Best Larkin Card poll, scroll all the way up to the top of the blog (above the header) and vote.  I'm not planning to stick the poll way up there again since I've had dismal voting response...


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