Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Rare Card Out of the 1993 Upper Deck Box (for Real!)

There are five jumbo packs remaining in the 1993 Upper Deck box.  Let's take a quick look at the highlights of each pack (since mostly the packs are all duplicates at this point in the break).

Pack 16:

We actually found one of the rarest possible cards in the set - an SP card (seeded 1:72 packs).  The card features George Brett on the back and Robin Yount on the front.  Unfortunately, neither the Brewers nor the Royals were chosen so this will be randomed off at the end of the break between the two teams.

Pack 17:

The Justice insert card is nice enough, but I think I like the Harold Reynolds card better!

Pack 18:

Not a lot in pack #18, though I'm still happy we found one of the rare SP cards in the earlier pack.  The Pendleton card means we now have two Homerun Heroes Braves inserts in three packs.

Pack 19:

The second-to-last pack in the box (or the penultimate pack if you'd prefer) was a bit of a letdown.  Only the Kirby Puckett card was of note.

Pack 20:

The final pack of the box was pretty good - we got a Homerun Heroes card for the Dodgers and another Willie Mays Baseball Heroes insert (this one goes to the Giants even though no team was mentioned).  After all, Mays is in the Hall as a Giant so that only seems right.

We've now completed 2 of the 7 boxes in the break - look for more completed boxes over the next week or so if all goes according to plan!  Of course, I hope to be spending quite a bit of time next week watching my Reds in the playoffs....but that only happens if they get past the Wild Card coin flip game.


Fuji said...

Love those UD SP inserts from the early to mid 90's... nice pull.

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