A Tradition of Group Break Excellence.

The next few weeks are shaping up to be quite busy for the Nachos Grande household.  We've got weddings to attend, campus events to attend, and even a short trip up north tentatively planned.  As such, it's imperative that I finish up this group break in short order - I don't want all the participants to have to wait (and wait - and wait) for their cards!

2004 Fleer Tradition:
Pack 21:
Jason Phillips - Mets
Brad Penny - Marlins
Rodrigo Lopez - Orioles
Rondell White - Royals
Pat Hentgen - Blue Jays
Alex Sanchez - Tigers
Junior Spivey - Brewers
Joe Randa - Royals

Gary Sheffield - Braves
Brian Lawrence - Padres

The Royals made out well in this pack - and I just so happened to like the Randa card best of all.  A little celebration on a baseball card can be a fun thing (though not when it is super short printed Topps)!

Pack 22:
Keith Foulke - Athletics
Derrek Lee - Cubs
Milton Bradley - Indians

Trot Nixon - Red Sox
Jermaine Dye - Athletics
Lance Carter - Rays
Ben Broussard - Indians
Jeromy Burnitz - Dodgers
Reed Johnson - Blue Jays
477.  J. Stewart (White Sox), N. Cotts (White Sox), A. Miles (Rockies)

I wish Fleer would have put three prospects from the same team on each card - this whole 2 of one team, 1 of another is annoying when you open the product for a group break.

Pack 23:
Michael Young - Rangers
Jolbert Cabrera - Dodgers
Angels Team Leaders
Al Leiter - Mets
Juan Pierre - Marlins
Ramon Martinez - Cubs
Frank Catalanotto - Blue Jays
Jose Hernandez - Pirates
Jose Contreras - Yankees
415.  Eric Chavez - Athletics

That's the three packs for now - time to give the 'ol fingers a rest from typing.  Judging by how full (or empty) the various group break boxes are, I think I might be able to finish off the break before the end of the week.  Ideally, I will get ahead by a few days and maybe even be able to send off some of the packages before next weekend.  No promises, but that's the goal!


  1. I agree with you about the same team thing. Miles was traded for Juan Uribe in the 2003-04 offseason and they put the Rockies logo on there for some reason. Topps did the same thing in this year's Heritage multi-player rookies when they were traded away. It just makes the cards look bad.


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