Another 8x10 Pack of Cards. These Things are Big!

With only five boxes remaining in the break, expect to see a bit less variety from here on out.  I ripped pack #5 out of the Zenith box yesterday, now it's time for pack #6 today.  Enjoy!

Pack 6:
1.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
37.  Kenny Lofton - Braves
38.  Jay Buhner - Mariners
40.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners

47.  Jose Cruz Jr. - Mariners

That was a Mariners heavy pack, now wasn't it?  I'm guessing Junior Junkie doesn't mind!

Oversized 8x10 cards:

2 of 24:  Tony Gwynn - Padres

19 of 24:  Dufex:  Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles

We already had the "regular" version of the Ripken card in 8x10 form, now we have the Dufex version as well.  A very nice box overall for Justin G. who claimed the O's!


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