Thursday, September 05, 2013

Box Breaker: 2005 UD Past Time Pennants (Packs 7 - 9)

The 20 pack box is quickly disappearing...well, not the box so much as the unopened packs within said box.  Here's the next three.

Pack 7:

8.  Bob Lemon
28.  Fergie Jenkins
42.  Jim Palmer
45.  Joe Morgan
60.  Orlando Cabrera

For some reason, I've been drawn to cards with interesting backgrounds when trying to determine the best card of the pack.  For this pack, the clear winner by that measure is Orlando Cabrera.

Pack 8:

39.  Jack Morris
40.  Jim Bunning
49.  Keith Hernandez
70.  Robin Yount
82.  Tommy John

For the first time, there is a pack without any truly "great" cards.  I gave the nod to Tommy John but this card would probably only be third or fourth best in most of the other packs.

Pack 9:

22.  Duke Snider
25.  Eddie Murray
54.  Luis Tiant

57.  Mike Schmidt
73.  Rollie Fingers

Unlike the previous pack, this pack had plenty of good looking cards.  In the end, I gave the nod to Tiant because (once again) the background interested me.  In this case, it looks like Tiant had his photo taken on the family it!

What do you think of the set?  Did you buy this when it came out originally in '05?  I wasn't really collecting then so I totally missed the boat.


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