Sunday, September 08, 2013

Box Breaker - 2005 UD Past Time Pennants - Final Five Packs

With only five packs remaining (including one which better hold my second autograph), I figured I couldn't wait and only open a few while writing this post.  Thus, here are the final five packs out of the box.  Don't say I always leave you wanting more.  Or something like that.

Pack 16:

10.  Brooks Robinson

16.  Catfish Hunter
20.  Don Mattingly
27.  Ernie Banks
88.  Willie McCovey

I almost gave the "best card in pack" nod to Catfish Hunter, his particular card is great.  However, it's a five pack post so there's only room for one "best" card this time around...thus the Brooks Robinson scan.  If that card doesn't scream Field of Dreams, I don't know what does!

Pack 17:

9.  Bobby Doerr
24.  Eddie Mathews
41.  Felipe Alou

55.  Maury Wills
69.  Robin Roberts

I think it'd be fun to do a Top 90 card countdown with this set, it's that good (and only Top 90 because the set is only 90 cards in size).  If I were to do such a thing, I would have to think this Alou card would end up in the top ten, maybe even top five.

**EDIT**  I have begun the posts for the Top 90 Countdown for this set.  They will begin going "live" on my blog in November 2013.  Don't say I don't plan ahead!

Pack 18:

36.  Goose Gossage
52.  Lou Brock
62.  Paul Molitor
67.  Richie Ashburn
90.  Yogi Berra

I'm not a Yankee fan (which should surprise no one by now), but even I have to admit this is a nice lookin' Yogi card.

Pack 19:

17.  Dale Murphy
59.  Nolan Ryan
78.  Stan Musial
83.  Tony Perez
Autograph:  WH.  Willie Horton

WTF?!  Two promised autographs in the box and they both end up being Willie Horton?!  That makes me angry...actually, correction, that makes me super angry.  And you know what, I don't care that technically these are different cards since one is Silver and one is Gold...(or is it bronze and silver, who knows?).  Anyhow, this sucks.

Pack 20:

53.  Luis Aparcio
61.  Ozzie Smith
85.  Warren Spahn

87.  Will Clark
89.  Willie Stargell

And with that, the box is complete.  I have to admit, getting two Willie Horton autographs soured me a bit but otherwise it was a great box.  I enjoyed the pennant (even if it wasn't a Reds' pennant) and the base set is all kinds of wonderful.  I hope you enjoyed opening the box with me, even it was in digital form for you.

In case you were wondering, the box did yield one full base set exactly (which was my main goal).  I also ended up with 8 duplicates (as expected), plus the two autos and the pennant.  For the price, I think these boxes are a pretty good deal, especially if you are a set collector and/or a lover of the legends of the game!


P-town Tom said...

I'm putting this box on my Christmas wish list. What great photography and I am a sucker for legends on cardboard. I really like the fact that you completed the set after one box and had a little trade fodder afterwards. Nice!

I enjoyed these posts so much and kind of got wrapped up in them that I, too, was super angry when you pulled a second Horton. What a bummer.

night owl said...

You go Upper Deck!

Shu. Nan. I. Ganz.

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