Monday, September 02, 2013

Box Breaker: 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants (Box Topper)

Quite some time ago, I hosted a group break that happened to include a box from a set that was totally new to me (at the time).  That set was the '05 UD Past Time Pennants.  As I busted the box for the group break, I fell in love with the set - after all, it's a set that features (mostly) great photographs of baseball legends from the past.  I vowed that one day I'd buy a box for myself - and happily, that day has finally arrived.

For a bit of an insiders look at the workings of Nachos Grande, this box was actually opened in July of 2013.  When will this post be live on my blog?  I have no are seeing it now because I must have not had time to write a "current" post.  That's right, I kept the results of a busted box for a proverbial rainy day on the blog!

I hope you enjoy the set as much as I do...

As far as I'm concerned, one of the highlights of the Pennants set is that you actually get a high quality Mitchell & Ness wool pennant as a box topper.  I was (obviously) hoping for a Reds' pennant but I'll settle for Mr. Met instead.

The pennant also comes with a baseball card (of sorts).  The front tells you what the pennant celebrates...

...while the back of the card gives an actual description of the team.  In my case, my team was the '69 Mets who were led by Tom Seaver to the World Series over the Orioles.

That was a fun start to my box - but there are still 20 packs waiting to be ripped by yours truly.  Within each box, you are supposed to get two (on card I believe) autographs as well.  Time will tell who I end up with - but no matter what, for me the real prizes are the pennant and the base set!


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