Early Monday Dominion!

It's Monday (already).  Didn't it seem like just yesterday was Friday?  What happened to the weekend?!


At least there are still packs of cards for me to open today.  I'm probably going to suffer pack-opening withdrawal when this gigantic group break is finally finished.  For now though, it's back to Skybox Dominion box for a couple more packs.

Pack 15:
Edgar Renteria - Cardinals
Derek Jeter - Yankees

This is a pretty cool card of Jeter - even I can admit that!
Jeff Weaver - Tigers
Roberto Alomar - Indians
Russ Ortiz - Giants
Larry Walker - Rockies
Juan Encarnacion - Tigers

Another cool card - the Larry Walker was also nice though I didn't scan it.  A solid pack of base card photos!
A.J. Burnett & Amaury Garcia - Marlins
John Franco - Mets
Alex Fernandez - Marlins

Pack 16:
Roger Clemens - Yankees
Ismael Valdes - Dodgers
Eric Milton - Twins
M. McGwire (Cardinals) & M. Ramirez (Indians)

To the randomizer!
Roberto Alomar - Indians (two packs in a row with this card)
Ben Davis - Padres
Carl Pavano - Expos
K. peterson & K. Barker - Brewers
Kip Well - White Sox
Michael Barrett - Expos

I'm out of time so it's only two packs for now.  More cards to come though!