Monday, September 16, 2013

Group Break: 2000 Topps Gold Label - Packs 1 & 2 (with a rarer than box hit)!

Yesterday wasn't a great day for me in terms of sports.  My Reds lost (again) to the hapless Brewers.  The Pirates won.  The Cardinals won.  The Nationals won.  And yes, all of the sudden I have to worry about the Nationals catching the Reds.  The way the Reds are playing, it's not out of the realm of possibility.  All of this puts me in a sour mood.  And one more thing.  It's freaking Monday.

How to cheer myself up?  Open something shiny.  That's how.


Box #2 of the break - 2000 Topps Gold Label!

Let's hope the shiny distracts me from the bleakness that is Monday.

Pack 1:
1.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs
22.  Derek Jeter - Yankees

55.  Pat Burrell - Phillies
76.  Mark Grace - Cubs
B3.  Bullion:  C. Jones, A. Jones, G. Maddux - Braves

The Bullion cards are seeded 1:32 packs which means we found a box hit already - actually, it's rarer than a box hit since the 2000 Gold Label box only contains 24 packs.  A hearty congrats to Jon who picked the Braves in the break - a beautiful (and oh-so-shiny) card!

Pack 2:
4.  Rondell White - Expos
19.  Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays

26.  Ben Grieve - Athletics
56.  Mike Mussina - Orioles

91.  Brett Myers - Phillies

The back of the cards have a class 1, class 2, etc. marking on them.  I'm not sure what that means at the moment (and I don't have time to research it right now).

At least the Bullion card provided me with a bit of excitement on this dreary (and cold) Monday morning.  Now it's off to work for a day of teaching - and for explaining how my final exam project is going to work in one of my classes (the first time for me assigning a research paper in a mathematics class).


P-town Tom said...

Man, I really like the looks of those Gold Label cards.

Community Gum said...

If I only I was the Jon that claimed the Braves. Alas.... Congrats to my fellow no-"h" brethren.

Need More Cardboard said...

I wasn't previously familiar with this set. I like the look. And this is taken from

"2000 Topps Gold Label is a 300-card set released in June, 2000. There are 100 players released on three different, repeating, levels, each with it's own design: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Unlike in previous years, the Class 1, 2, and 3 cards are produced in equal quantities."

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