Rosana: Freaky Little Mama (Skybox Dominion Edition)

During the week, I drive about 52 miles from my house to work...and then the same 52 miles back home at the end of the day.  As such, I have a lot of time in my car...and with that time I usually listen to my SiriusXM radio.  Much of the time, I tune to the MLB channel, but when I'm not in the mood to hear the meaningless chatter (especially after a Reds' loss), I tend to listen a variety of music stations.

Since I teach college, I try to listen to the current stations (like the Top 20 station and Hits One) but I also listen to stations that play more songs that I find stomachable (such as 90s on 9 or Lithium).  Today's post isn't so much an advertisement for satellite radio (I promise I'm getting to the card packs shortly).  Instead, my preamble is meant to explain the post title...and to see if I can get this catchy (yet definitely not safe for work) song in your head much as it's been in my head all weekend.


And now, on to the cards.

Pack 12:
Rondell White - Expos
Chad Meyers - Cubs
C. Harville & Br. Laxton - Athletics
J.D. Drew - Cardinals

Tony Clark - Tigers
Omar Vizquel - Indians
P. Martinez (Red Sox) & R. Johnson - Diamondbacks
Troy O'Leary - Red Sox
Brad Ausmus - Tigers
Todd Greene - Angels

I have to admit, that wasn't the most exciting pack of cards that I've ever opened...

Pack 13:
Carlos Beltran - Royals
G. Meche & A. Scheffer - Mariners
Cliff Floyd - Marlins
Ramon Ortiz - Angels
Craig Biggio - Astros

We need more cards of players bunting, don't you think?
John Valentin - Red Sox
Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
Trevor Hoffman - Padres
Andy Pettitte - Yankees
3 of 20 NE:  New Era:  Wilton Veras - Red Sox

A nice little card for the Red Sox...actually, I take that back.  I'm not a huge fan of the New Era insert cards - the only redeeming factor is the water and boats in the background.  You can't really seem them in the scan, but I promise they are there!  The New Era cards scan like a piece of doo-doo.

Pack 14:
John Halama - Mariners
Todd Helton - Rockies
E. Clemente & C. Sexton - Rockies
Orioles Host Cuban National Team

This is a pretty cool highlights card - much better than the usual fare that we are used to these days.  I don't remember this game happening, I guess I wasn't paying much attention to baseball back in May of 1999.
Kevin Young - Pirates
Jeromy Burnitz - Brewers
Kevin Millwood - Braves
John Jaha - Athletics
Tony Gwynn - Padres
Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox

Phew!  That's a lot of typing.  Heck, this whole group break has been a lot of typing.  What was I thinking when I set the break up anyway?!


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