Friday, September 20, 2013

So Many Cards.

It's time to rip open the third jumbo pack out of the 1993 Upper Deck box.  I figure since the weekend is only a few hours away we should start things off with a big 'ol stack of cards for each team!

Pack 3:
Kevin Rogers - Giants
Javy Lopez - Braves
Dave Mlicki - Indians
Lethal Lefties (Langston, Abbott, Finley) - Angels
Paul Molitor - Brewers
David Justice - Braves
Denny Neagle - Pirates

Best photo of the pack I think!
Geronimo Pena - Cardinals
Randy Johnson - Mariners
Marquis Grissom - Expos
Jeff Parrett - Athletics
Kevin Mitchell - Mariners
Chad Curtis - Angels
Derrick May - Cubs
Sandy Alomar Jr. - Indians
Charlie Hough - White Sox
Jose Offerman - Dodgers
Tim Belcher - Reds
Terry Pendleton - Braves
Mitch Williams - Phillies

Another pack with a cold weather card in it!
Brian Harper - Twins
Billy Ripken - Orioles
Ron Darling - Athletics
Jody Reed - Red Sox
Lee Smith - Cardinals
Mike Maddux - Padres
HR11.  Homerun Heroes:  Ryne Sandberg - Cubs

What did you say?

I can't hear you.



Are you sure?

On a Friday?



Have a second jumbo pack.  It's on the house (or something like that).

Pack 4:
Billy Ashley - Dodgers
Boston Sox (Viola, Clemens) - Red Sox
Chipper Jones - Braves

Jim Tatum - Brewers
Lethal Lefties - Angels
Bobby Witt - Athletics
Shawon Dunston - Cubs

Probably my favorite photo out of pack 4.  
Mike Felder - Giants
Terry Pendleton - Braves
Frank Thomas - White Sox
Bill Swift - Giants
Derek Bell - Blue Jays
John Smoltz - Braves
Gary DiSarcina - Angels
Dennis Cook - Indians
Joe Orsulak - Orioles
Charles Nagy - Indians
Jeff King - Pirates
Cory Snyder - Giants
Will Clark - Giants
Kevin Koslofski - Royals
Geronimo Pena - Cardinals
Randy Johnson - Mariners
Steve Farr - Yankees
Jeff Frye - Rangers
Ricky Bones - Brewers
HR6.  Homerun Heroes:  Barry Bonds - Pirates

Phew.  That was a lot of typing!

Happy Friday ya'll.  More group break stuff coming!


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