Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So Many Upper Deck Cards!

I'm ready to start finishing off some of the group break boxes which means I need to continue to post plenty of packs each day.  For this morning's post, I'm going to plow through another batch of the 1993 Upper Deck packs, once again showing only what I deem the highlights of each pack seeing as how many of the cards in the packs are now duplicates.

Pack 12:

Pack 12 had a nice John Orton card - I liked the action shot on the front (tagging out an Athletic's player) and on the back (making a play on a Royal's batter).  Good stuff by Upper Deck.  The insert, as you can see, goes to the Mets (do Mets fans like Bonilla)?

Pack 13:

Pack 13 had a Ken Griffey Jr. base card (not scanned) and a Lenny Dykstra base card as the two big highlights.  I scanned the Dykstra because everyone needs to see that awesome cloud of dust that's following Lenny!  The insert goes to the Astros - it's their first such insert of the break.

Pack 14:

This pack was pretty boring - only the Matt Williams Homerun Heroes card was of particular note.  This is the Giants' third insert card of the break.

Pack 15:

Once again, a rather dull pack - this one had three pairs of duplicates within the pack (terrible collation Upper Deck)!  The insert goes to St. Louis - the Pirates' catcher is simply there because I've always liked cards showing catchers in their gear.

That's a lot of cards for me to now go sort into the appropriate team piles...a good 2-3" worth in terms of stack size!


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