Monday, October 21, 2013

A Quck Blaster Break - Just for More Kicks and Giggles (Part 2)

I know you are all waiting for me to start up the contest.  I promise to get to it as soon as I can - I have the names and the randomizer ready to go...but tonight is a late night at work (it's homecoming week so there's nightly events that I sometimes have to attend).  Anyhow, to help tide you over while I put the final touches on the first round of the contest, let's continue ripping the Goodwin Champions blaster box from 2012.

I posted part 1 already, here's the next four packs.

Pack 5:
28.  Ron Francis
103.  Bryan Clay
142.  Chantal Sutherland
155.  Harry Greb

I used to think I was a pretty big sports fan but I can honestly say I've never heard of any of the four people in this pack.  I went with Harry Greb as my scan for the pack because A) he was from Pittsburgh and B) he's boxing in the woods like a true bad*ss.  Love it.

Pack 6:
17.  Grant Hill
118.  LeBron James
127.  Dennis Eckersley
Mini:  221.  Wilin Rosario

The good news here is that I've heard of all four players.  Unfortunately, half of them were basketball players (or pumpkin pushers as I call 'em).  The mini Rosario is nice enough I guess - it could almost pass as a "real" card.

Pack 7:
45.  Sonya Thomas

46.  Zach Johnson
88.  Larry Bird

Lady Luck mini:  105.  Mike Bossy

The Lady Luck mini is kind of cool - but the Larry Bird (looking like a soccer player) and the Sonya Thomas (female professional eater?!) each were more worthy of a scan.  I had never heard of Sonya so looked her up online - she apparently goes by the name "The Black Widow" of competitive eating (proof on her website).  I will say that I don't recommend Google imaging her unless you want to lose your appetite.  There's not much attractive about a person cramming their pie hole full of, well, pies...and hot dogs, and whatever else competitive eaters eat.

Pack 8:

105.  Mike Bossy
120.  Kawhi Leonard
144.  Adrian Peterson
185.  Ormer Locklear

I almost hate to admit it but I've enjoyed these four packs of Goodwin Champions.  For pack 8, I got to learn a bit about Ormer Locklear - a guy famous for performing stunts with moving vehicles.  He earned most of his fame as a wing walker.  In other news, the dude was also apparently crazy. Unfortunately, he met his demise in an airplane crash while filming a movie in 1920.

On that somber note, we end today's edition of the blaster break.  There's still four packs remaining - but I certainly don't expect them to be as enjoyable as this quartet ended up being!


AdamE said...

Seeing this made me realize I never made a Boxing checklist for 2012 Goodwin. Greb is deifnalty going on my want list.

Hackenbush said...

I had a quick reaction to Larry Bird. That image reminds me of that video of Sasquach. Must be something to do with the leafy background and the way Bird seems to be swing his arms.

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