Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blogger Bracket Challenge: The Voting for Round 0 is Closed! Full Bracket Revealed!!

As the post title suggests, the voting for Round 0 is officially over.  We had a good turnout for the initial seeding round of the contest...but now that we are about to start the knockout rounds, I expect things will really get kicked up a notch.

Here's the bracket based on the poll results:
As you can see, a normal tournament would have a bunch of byes for the higher seeds.  However, I didn't want anyone to have to sit out a round so I simply moved all the "prelim" rounds and combined them with the first round of the contest in order to fit everything in a 16 person bracket (with 20 players).

For instance, Round 1 will see Play at the Plate taking on both Spiegel83 and shlabotnikreport with the highest vote getter moving on to Round 2 and the other two being eliminated.

I will have the next round's card prompts on my blog at 7:30 AM tomorrow (Monday) morning.  I wanted everyone to get a fair shot at writing time so I decided against posting late at night on a Sunday evening.

Good luck everyone!


Play at the Plate said...

How the **LL did that happen?

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