Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elusive Eight Updated: Trudy Givens, Curtis Granderson, Alex Gordon, & Chateau of Chombard (to name a few)

Now that the group break is over (and everything mailed last Saturday at the latest), I've been catching up on other stuff that I put off.  One was trade posts (which is pretty obvious if you look back through my immediate archives).  I've also dusted off the 'ol trade stack - and with it, some recent success which is great!  

Another thing that fell through the proverbial cracks up until recently was my Elusive Eight page.  For the longest time, the Elusive Eight only had five cards on it!  That's some poor math - so I had to fix it!  Now, the list is back up to eight...and if you have any of the following (click on the Elusive Eight page for full details), I'd love to trade immediately!

Those are the current eight cards on my Elusive Eight page.  For the most part, they represent the final card from their respective set that I still need...and there's not much that beats being able to remove an entire set from my want list!

Of course, I'll happily trade for any cards that I still need, not just the eight pictured above.  Shoot me an email and make an offer!


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