Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday Group Break Packs!

Of all the various pack posts from the current group break, it certainly appears to me that the Skybox Dominion set generates the fewest amount of comments.  I'm curious if that's a sign that you:

  • Find the set reprehensible
  • Find the set awesome
  • Find the set so blah that there's nothing to say

Personally, I think the set is better than "blah" but not quite up to the level of awesome.  However, there are just enough inserts to keep things fresh - and after 24 packs I'm not yet tired of opening Dominion packs (which is the best gauge as to how I feel about a particular set)!

On to the packs:

Pack 25:
Tony Gwynn - Padres
Sean Casey - Reds
Brady Anderson - Orioles

A great action shot!
Scott Rolen - Phillies
Paul Byrd - Phillies
Ray Lankford - Cardinals
Travis Fryman - Indians
B.J. Ryan & G. Molina - Orioles
Mark McGwire - Cardinals

This is one of the Season Highlights subset cards.
Chuck Finley - Angels

What a hideous jersey!!

Pack 26:
Mickey Morandini - Cubs
Pat Burrell - Phillies
J. Pena & T. Ohka - Red Sox
Brian Rose - Red Sox
Edgar Martinez - Mariners
Sidney Ponson - Orioles
Lee Stevens - Rangers
Jason Kendall - Pirates
Randy Wolf - Phillies
3 of 10 DP.  Chipper Jones (Braves) & Scott Rolen (Phillies)

I like the Double Play cards from a set collector perspective - but not from a group break host perspective.  It's never fun to have to use the 'ol randomizer for cards.

Pack 27:
Wade Boggs - Rays
Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles
Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners) & Mark McGwire (Cardinals)

Pat Hentgen - Blue Jays
Ruben Mateo - Rangers
Derek Bell - Astros
D. Ebert & P. Matos - Braves
Alex Gonzalez - Blue Jays
Rich Aurilia - Giants
4 of 20 NE.  New Era:  Eric Munson - Tigers

We end this morning's post on a high note for Detroit!


Ana Lu said...

That jersey was used as season alternative uniform? wow you have to be very brave to wear that!


I believe that Angel jersey was part of the 1999 Futuristic jersey designs that MLB used that year.

madding said...

YES! I really need to think about collecting cards of players wearing the "turn ahead the clock" jerseys. I only found out about this last year. I wasn't sure how many/if any existed on cards. The color scheme looks a little different on the Finley jersey, though.

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