Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gold Label vs. Fleer Tradition: Round 1!

The final eight packs of the group break are here.
4 Topps Gold Label.
4 Fleer Tradition.

I'll be pitting one pack from each set against the other in a brawl to the death*.  Winner takes all**.

*here death is defined as "the end of the boxes."
** here all is defined as "nothing but pride."

Let's get it on!

Round 1:

Fleer Tradition:
We begin round 1 with Fleer Tradition.  The Tradition packs hold 10 cards (as compared to Gold Label's 5 cards) so there's a built in advantage if you believe in quantity trumping quality.  We shall see.

Mike Sweeney - Royals
Brian Anderson - Royals
Sean Burroughs - Padres
Starting out with two Royals and a Padre isn't exactly a good way to inspire a lot of confidence in winning the round.
Andruw Jones - Braves  +4 for a decent card of a decent player.

Trio prospects SP:  R. Harden (Athletics), M. Neu (Athletics), G. Geary (Phillies)  +10 SP but -5 for having two different teams represented as part of the trio of prospects.  Total for card:  +5
Jason Giambi - Yankees  -2 Yankees (because Gint-a-Cuffs would say so)
Miguel Batista - Diamondbacks
Frank Thomas - White Sox +10 very nice!

Aubrey Huff - Rays
Manny Ramirez - Red Sox +5, I like the photo.

Pack total:  22 points

22 points seems like a solid total - Gold Label will have to average over 4 points per card in order to win the round.  Let's see if they can do it.

Gold Label:
Alex Gonzalez - Marlins
Jim Thome - Indians  +5 for Thome

Bob Abreu - Phillies
Orlando Hernandez - Yankees  -2 for being a Yankee
Magglio Ordonez - White Sox  +10 because I like the big photo a lot!

Pack total:  13 points

And there you have it - Round 1 goes to Fleer Tradition with a 9 point margin of victory (just in case I need a tie-breaker at the end).

Feel free to agree or disagree with my choices (though mind you that your opinion will not sway the outcome of the challenge)!


P-town Tom said...

You got it right with that Manny card. That's a great shot!

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