Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gold Label vs. Fleer Tradition: Round 3!

Welcome back to the third (of four) Pack War rounds.  We are finishing off the group break with a flourish.  At the moment, the Pack War is tied 1 to 1 - both Topps Gold Label and Fleer Tradition managed a win...which sets up the final two rounds as incredibly important*.

*here important is defined as "not important at all in the grand scheme of anything."

We begin with Fleer Tradition this time:

Round 3:
Fleer Tradition:
Juan Uribe - Rockies
Jake Peavy - Padres
Brady Clark - Brewers
Aaron Boone - Yankees -2 for being a Yankee, minus another 2 points for leaving Cincy to become a Yankee = -4 total

Fred McGriff - Dodgers
Scott Spiezio - Angels
Eric Karros - Cubs
Edgar Renteria - Cardinals -2 for being a Cardinal
467.  Roy Halladay - Award Winner short print = +5 points

8 of 10 CT.  Career Tributes:  Lou Brock - Cardinals  #0929/1979

The Career Tribute cards are seeded one per box according to the pack wrapper.  This card happens to be numbered out of 1979 (each of the Career Tribute cards are numbered out of the final year of the player's career).  You can't go wrong with a serially numbered card - this card alone will probably win the pack for Fleer...  +25 points despite the Cardinal-ness of the card.  I also must say this card looks much nicer in person than it does in the scan (it's a nice shiny gold colored card)!

Pack total:  24 points

A great showing by Fleer Tradition.  Gold Label will really have to step up their game if they hope to claim Round 3.

Gold Label:
Jose Canseco - Rays
Rafael Palmeiro - Rangers -2 for being a cheater

Mark Mulder - Athletics
Erubiel Durazo - Diamondbacks
Ben Christiensen - Cubs

Pack total:  -2 points (ouch!)

Oye.  I guess Topps mailed it in after seeing what Fleer brought to the table.  For Gold Label to win this thing, it's going to take an amazing final pack.  Stay tuned - one more group break post is coming up later tonight (and the break is officially over)!!


Ana Lu said...

But the Aaron Boone is a great card, if you forget about those two points you mentioned ;-)

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