Thursday, October 31, 2013


In a typical year, there are lots and lots of holidays.  You have your national holidays like President's Day and Labor Day, "festive holidays" like New Year's and Thanksgiving, and religious holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Hanukkah.  You have holidays for loved ones (Valentine's Day) and your parents (Mother's and Father's Days).  You have holidays for select people of history (Martin Luther King and Christopher Columbus).  You even have holidays for animals (Groundhog's Day).  However, out of all the holidays, there's one particular holiday that I simply cannot care about.

You guessed it:  Halloween.

Oh sure, when you are real young Halloween is fun because you get to dress up as a ghost or football player or something and roam the streets begging for candy...but once you get a bit older that appeal is lost.  For me, I can't even say I ever really enjoyed the candy portion (I would usually trade or sell my candy at school in exchange for baseball cards - it's how I acquired my first ever Leaf cards)!

For most high schoolers, Halloween is a waste of time and instead is nothing but an excuse to cause mischief (toilet papering houses seems to be popular around here).  College students, on the other hand, seem to love the holiday as it gives them an excuse to drink (nothing new there) and to dress slutty (not terribly new).

But for adults?

Halloween pretty much sucks the big one.

You drive to the store, you pick up candy, you sit around waiting for kids to ring your doorbell, you give them your candy, they traipse through your lawn, and, if all goes well, no one toilet papers your house or smashes your pumpkins.

That's Halloween.  And it's lame.

The only good thing about today?  It means that tomorrow is November which brings:
1)  My birthday (with the slightest of hopes that I might end up with some baseball cards)
2)  Thanksgiving - a day dedicated to eating, napping, and watching football.

That's something I can relate to!

You know what else November brings?

My 2005 Upper Deck Pasttime Pennants Collection Countdown - you can read all about it beginning on November 1st (and it will run the entire month of November for your viewing pleasure)!

Happy (almost) November...  And for tonight, watch those pumpkins!


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