Thursday, October 03, 2013

Let it Ride!

Although you are reading this (most likely) on Thursday, I'm writing this post on Monday.  Right now, the Rays have a two run lead over the Rangers in the 8th inning of their play-in game to the play-in game.  At the moment, I'm mostly hearing the phrase "let it ride" said by the announcers over and over and over...  It's frustrating since I'm only sort of paying attention (the Reds/Pirates game on Tuesday is of much more interest to me).  In fact, it's the Reds game on Tuesday that has served as the catalyst for me to try and get a bit ahead in my pack ripping posts!

We turn our attention to the Fleer Tradition box...and even though this is after the fact for my readers - I'm going to use the three packs as a bit of "divination" of sorts in regards to the Reds/Pirates outcome on Tuesday night.  I did this once before and the Reds eeked a victory.  Two such pack victories for the Reds should seal the deal, am I right?

Here we go!

Pack 24:
Pat Burrell - Phillies
Jose Guillen - Athletics
Mark Hendrickson - Jays
Casey Blake - Indians
Tony Clark - Mets

Nate Cornejo - Tigers
Gil Meche - Mariners
Robert Fick - Braves
Craig Monroe - Tigers
Johan Santana - Twins

Well, we have a pitcher's dual between the Reds and Pirates so far...there's simply no connection that I can make for (or against) either team in that pack.  Moving on!

Pack 25:
Sean Casey - Reds

That's what I'm talking about!  1-0 for my Reds.
Raul Ibanez - Mariners
Raul Mondesi - Diamondbacks
Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
Kirk Rueter - Giants
Byung-Hyun Kim - Red Sox
Astros Team Leaders
Juan Encarnacion - Marlins
411.  Brian Jordan - Dodgers

This, I believe, is a short print.
476.  T. Wellemeyer, J. Leicester, S. Mitre - Cubs

This is one of the Trio Prospect short prints.  At least all three players are on the same team this time.  That's much appreciated by me!

As for the Reds/Pirates competition, the Reds lead 1-0 heading into the final pack thanks to the Sean Casey.  Let's hope Cincinnati can keep it going (and, more importantly, beat Pittsburgh in the actual game that counts).

Pack 26:
Richie Sexson - Diamondbacks
Trevor Hoffman - Padres
Marlon Anderson - Rays

What a great photo!
Mark Ellis - Athletics
Ruben Sierra - Yankees
Derek Jeter -Yankees
Charles Johnson - Rockies
R.A. Dickey - Rangers
Cubs Team Leaders
421.  Carl Crawford - Rays

The Crawford is a short print that I neglected to scan.  The rest of the pack was boring in terms of the Reds/Pirates matchup...which is ok since it means the Reds win by my reckoning!  

Let's hope that when this post goes live on Thursday that the Reds are actually preparing to play baseball still this year...

EDIT:  Looks like pack prognosticating is garbage.  Who knew?  *sigh*


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