Thursday, October 31, 2013

(Minor) Changes at Nachos Grande

Just a quick heads up to a minor change here at my blog.  I have removed my entire Google+ account.  Right now, I have a Facebook page, an instragram page, and a twitter page - having Google+ in addition was simply overkill.  I also decided that I'd rather have Nachos Grande pop up whenever I leave comments on all of your blogs - it helps for people to know who I am rather than my real name (which Google+ forced me to use).

I'm hoping that I've disabled everything correctly and that the blog will now run like it used to.  However, if you notice anything broken or otherwise not-quite-right, please don't hesitate to let me know.  Apologies also go out to those of you who used Google+ a lot - I simply never did and so it's now gone from my profile.

PS:  Only 1 hour (or so) remains until the Round 1 posts are due for my contest.  As of this moment, all but one person has written their post (and left me a link on the Round 1 post).


Nachos Grande said...

I think my profile switch worked!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grande: "Only 1 hour (or so) remains until the Round 1 posts are due for my contest"

Mr. Shlabotnik: "CRAP! THAT'S TONIGHT???"

It's like one of those dreams when you walk into a class and find out there's a test that you hadn't studied for.

Sorry, man... I had just a sketchy idea of what to write and no time to write it, so I'm going to have to withdraw from the contest.

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