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Round 0 is Over - Now You Must Vote!

Round 0 of the Blogger Bracket Challenge Contest for 2013 is in the books.  We had pretty good turnout (there's always one or two who forget or otherwise fail to complete an entry).  In our case, it was four no-shows which isn't too terribly alarming.  As with last year's contest, anyone who fails to submit an entry will be automatically disqualified.  Also, like last year, Round 0 is simply the seeding round - NO ONE who wrote a post gets eliminated this round!

Once the voting is complete, I'll create a bracket and from there on out it'll be single elimination.

Now, let's get to the voting!

Group A:
Prompt:  Rickie Weeks
Group B:
Prompt:  Chris Coughlan
Group C:  
Prompt:  Aroldis Chapman
Group D:
Prompt:  Alfonso Soriano
Group E:
Prompt:  Franklin Guitierrez
Group F:
Prompt:  Carlos Lee

Remember, you are encouraged to advertise this post on your own blog (and ask for people to vote for you).  However, please keep everything friendly - this is meant to be a fun contest!  Good luck everyone!  Voting ends Sunday evening (10/27/13)!