Monday, October 28, 2013

Sad Clown Gets No Love!

Last week, I won an auction on eBay where I was able to land six new LEGO minifigures for my collection.  The impressive part of the six figures?  All six were able to be had for less than the price of a blind pack each - if I can land any figure I need for less than three bucks, I try to jump on that as quickly as possible.

Since I love me some countdowns, I've decided to show the six figures in reverse order from my least favorite to most favorite.  For this post, I'll show numbers 6 and 5 (since each post has quite a few photos).  I'll have more from the eBay lot over the next couple of days.

#6:  Sad Clown (Series 10):

I have to admit, I never had any interest in getting the sad clown (besides the fact that I knew I'd need it in order to complete the set).  As it turns out, I guess very few other people had any interest in this figure since it was available for a quite cheap buy-it-now price.

The front of the clown is ok, though you have to like black and white in order to appreciate it.  The clown is definitely suitably sad.  It's actually a little disturbing just how sad the clown is considering the fact that he's supposed to be a fun little toy for kids (and adults who are young at heart).

Usually when LEGO creates a figure that's sort of boring in terms of printing, they give the figure some sort of neat accessories (and when the figure has no neat accessories it usually gets a good paint job).  Unfortunately for the sad clown, it gets neither a nice paint job nor any good accessories.

Maybe that's why the clown is so sad now that I think about it.

#5:  Skater Girl (Series 6):

While the Sad Clown may not have much in the way of neat printing or accessories, #5 on the countdown is much better in both departments.  The Skater Girl comes complete with plenty of interesting printing (including on her arms) and a nice little skateboard.

I'm not sure that LEGO has ever made a figure with both a skeleton on her torso and a heart (and skeleton) on the skateboard.  I guess she's supposed to be part goth, part lover or something.

The skater girl even gets a bit or printing on her back - and notice the stripes on her arms.  I like her quite a bit - easily a much, much better figure than the sad clown.

Of course, if she's only #5 on my list - I wonder what the other four figures could be?!


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