Sunday, October 06, 2013

Seven Group Break Packs of Dominion Remain: Let's Lower That Number!

At this point in the group break, we have four boxes remaining.  Three of the four boxes have exactly seven packs remaining in the box.  The other (Zenith) has only two packs.

Let's dig into one of the boxes with seven packs - in this case it's 2000 Skybox Dominion!  I will say this, we are on pace for me to finish up the group break before the end of the week.  I'm hopeful (though I cannot promise) that I'll have some of the group break packages in the mail by this Thursday...It'll be a tight schedule, but it's possible!

Pack 30:
Eric Karros - Dodgers
Raul Mondesi - Blue Jays
R. Heiserman & C. Hutchinson - Cardinals
Billy Koch - Blue Jays

The throwing motion of a pitcher simply doesn't look natural...
Jermaine Dye - Royals
Jose Vidro - Expos
Freddy Garcia - Mariners
Preston Wilson - Marlins
Richard Hidalgo - Astros
14 of 20 NE:  New Era:  Kip Wells - White Sox

Congrats to Chicago for picking up a late-in-the-break insert card.

Pack 31:
Chuck Finley - Angels
Fred McGriff - Rays
B. Kim & R. Ryan - Diamondbacks
W. Morris - Pirates
Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles

Mariano Rivera - Yankees

B.J. Surhoff - Orioles
John Wetteland - Rangers
Bobby Abreu - Phillies
Dante Bichette - Rockies

I was pleased with both of those packs - and now the Skybox Dominion box is down to its final five packs.  Will we pull any of the super rare cards?  Only time shall tell I guess!


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