Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Group Break Nears the End.

The group break is almost over...and that makes me both happy and sad.  On the one hand, I'm going to miss opening up pack after pack.  On the other hand, I'm not going to miss all the typing...nor all the packing (something that I have to do this week once the last few packs are ripped open)!

Here's three more out of the Fleer Tradition box.

Pack 27:
David Bell - Phillies
Coco Crisp - Indians
Alfonso Soriano - Yankees
Reds Team Leaders
Bartolo Colon - White Sox
Cardinals Team Leaders
Kevin Millwood - Phillies
427.  Kris Benson - Pirates
449.  Stand Outs:  Jason Lane - Astros

5 of 20 DT.  Diamond Tributes:  Jim Thome - Phillies

Pack 28:
Shawn Green - Dodgers
Jim Thome - Phillies
Greg Myers - Blue Jays
Lance Berkman - Astros
Athletics Team Leaders
Cristian Guzman - Twins
Freddy Garcia - Mariners
Padres Team Leaders
443.  So Taguchi - Cardinals

470.  Stand Outs:  Dontrelle Willis - Marlins

Pack 29:
Alex Cintron - Diamondbacks
Edgar Gonzalez - Diamondbacks
Kazuhisa Ishii - Dodgers
Jarrod Washburn - Angels
Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
Dave McCarty - Red Sox
Todd Helton - Rockies
Barry Zito - Athletics
Roy Oswalt - Astros
499.  Prospects:  G. Laird, R. Garcia, & R. Nivar - Rangers

Not a great trio of packs, but not a terrible trio either.  In fact, I guess I'll say it was more "good" than it was "bad" since we got some short prints for some teams that typically don't get a whole heckuva lot.


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