Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Raz Card Blog: Trade Winds (Part 2)

Happy Tuesday!  For me, today is a great day for two reasons:

1.  I was able to cancel my Calculus I labs for the day.  My students scored a class average of 88% in one class and an 84% in the other class on the exam last week.  Both averages set a record for that particular test in terms of a class average (the average is usually in the upper 70s if I'm lucky).  As a bit of a "reward" for the students, I cancelled labs - which has the side effect of making my Tuesday much, much easier.  

2.  Given that I don't have to race to work to teach lab this morning, I get to continue opening (and posting) the trade package from Chris over at the Raz Card Blog.  Yesterday, I showed off the Gypsy Queen cards from Chris.  Today, we turn our attention to the second (of three) sets that I'm working on for 2013 - Topps Archives.

Although Chris didn't have a lot of Archives to send my way, he did have at least one card from three different insert sets.  The first is the 1967 sticker set.

These things are annoying to scan (my scanner automatically chops and crops photos and it always thinks this should be four different cards).  However, if you get over that annoyance the sticker cards are actually pretty cool - especially when there is an easy-to-spot theme (like all Giants in this case).

The next insert set that Chris helped me out with was the All Star set.

In this case, it was once again a single card - but a much appreciated one at that.  Here's Nolan Ryan rocking the Astros' colors - a pretty swell card if you ask me (even if the photo is a touch grainy).  

Finally, Chris also threw in a handful of the Tall Boys inserts.  When Topps Archives first was released, these were my least favorite of all the insert sets - but I have to admit, when you have a few of them together, they look great.  The simple design is pretty cool - and at 40 cards, the set contains a lot of guys who don't usually make the cut for similar insert sets in other brands.

Speaking of which, I am now the proud owner of guys like Otis Nixon (when's the last time he was in an insert set)?!

And Will Clark (a bigger name I guess, but not the same as the Ruths, Mantles, and Griffeys of the world).

I also go Freese (but he's a Cardinal so no scan), Ripken (big name), and Cespedes (a guy who might become a big name but certainly isn't at that level yet).

Thanks for the trade Chris - there's still the stack of Allen & Ginter from you waiting to be scanned...stay tuned for part three I guess!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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