Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Raz Card Blog: Trade Winds (Part 3)

For the third morning in a row, you get to wake up and read about cards from Chris over The Raz Card Blog.  This is the final such post though - so I'll have to plan something new for you to read on Thursday.  As for today, we turn our attention to the third set in which Chris helped me fill some of my set needs - 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter*.

*Yes, I know it's now Allen & Ginter's in terms of official name but that simply looks and sounds wrong to me so I keep using Allen & Ginter instead.  I should probably try to be correct...but old habits die hard, what can I say?

As for the cards - Chris helped me out big time here.  There were some minis he sent, some large inserts, and even some hits!  Let's not waste any more time - here we go!

First up - the minis!

As you can see, there was a nice selection including a Peacemakers card, a First Americans card, and a bunch of Heavy Hangs the Head and Inquiring Minds cards.  The Tony Perez mini is a A&G back while the Zack Cozart is a no-number mini!

Besides all the mini goodies, Chris also sent a few of the full-sized inserts.  Among my favorites here was this card of Neuschwanstein Castle - a place I've actually been to!

Chris also sent me a couple of the Civilizations of Ages Past that I needed including this sort of creepy looking Sumerians card.

Finally, I was lucky enough to also get three Reds hits from this year's Ginter set from Chris.  The first being a Brandon Phillips relic.

I'm not much of a fan of this relic design - but I'm always a fan of Reds hits!

In terms of relic designs, I much, much prefer the framed relics - and as luck would have it, Chris had one of those for me as well:

Mat Latos is a beast - and this bright red swatch is so much nicer than the typical white or grey that you see in most relics coming from Topps.

Finally, I landed a Reds autograph too - Tony Cingrani!

A great looking card - even if I don't possibly see how that signature could even represent Tony or Cingrani!

Thanks for the great trade Chris - so great it took three days to get through on the blog!

As always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


J. Meeks said...

I still have the Zack Cozart auto that I can send your way, if you're interested. Let me know.

Chris said...

I go back and forth between Ginter and Ginter's as well. I think I trend more toward keeping the 's at the end, but I know I've done both, probably sometimes even in the same post. I am glad that we were able to work out a trade.

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