Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Today's the Moment of Truth for the Reds!

Today's a big day for me - the Reds play the Pirates in the one game "coin flip" to determine who advances to the real playoffs.  Since I can't directly control the Reds, I figured I'd use this morning's three packs as sort of a scoreboard of sorts.  Who wins between the Reds and Pirates?  Let's find out using three packs of Skybox Dominion as our inspiration.

Pack 17:
Todd Zeile - Rangers
Mark McGwire - Cardinals
Sammy Sosa - Cubs
Matt Lawton - Twins
Brian Giles - Pirates

Uh oh, the Pirates get off to an early lead - Giles was a solid player for Pittsburgh during his tenure there.  
Will Clark - Orioles
E. Gagne & J. Williams - Dodgers

Cristian Guzman - Twins
Rafael Palmeiro - Rangers
13 of 20 NE.  New Era:  Shea Hillenbrand - Red Sox

After one pack, I'd say it's 1-0 Pirates.  Let's hope my Reds can get on the board in the next pack.

Pack 18:
Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
Aaron Sele - Rangers
Roger Clemens - Yankees
Tim Wakefield - Red Sox
Adrian Beltre - Dodgers
Mike Sweeney - Royals
Rey Ordonez - Mets
M. Darr & W. Gonzalez - Padres
Wilton Veras - Red Sox
Bret Boone - Braves
Awesome photo!

Sure, Boone may be pictured as a Brave in the card but he was a solid player for the Reds for a few years.  I'm giving it to Cincinnati.  1-1 heading into the final pack.

Pack 19:
Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners

Another Reds' great in a different jersey - it's still enough to put the Reds ahead.  2-1 Cincy.
Kevin Tapani - Cubs
David Nilsson - Brewers
Rickey Henderson - Mets
Jose Offerman - Red Sox
Magglio Ordonez - White Sox
W. Pena & E. Yarnall - Yankees

Pena ended up a Red...and the Reds traded him for Bronson Arroyo.  I'd say that deal worked out pretty sweet for Cincinnati.  +1 Redlegs.  3-1 now.
Tony Armas Jr. - Expos
Jorge Posada - Yankees
7 of 10 DP Plus:  Juan Gonzalez (Rangers) & Manny Ramirez (Indians)

We already got the regular version of this Double Play card in an earlier pack.  The Double Play Plus cards are much rarer (seeded 1:90 packs as opposed to 1:9 packs for the regular Double Play inserts).  Since the Indians were claimed and the Rangers weren't, this goes to Cleveland - Congrats to Baseball Dad!

Speaking of congrats, by my count, the Reds beat the Pirates in the three packs by a score of 3-1.  Oh sure, you might complain since technically we landed one Pirates' card and zero Reds cards....but it's my blog, my rules!


Ana Lu said...

Put awesome on that! That's quite the angle to put on a catcher'c card!


The Rangers are my random team anyway !!

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