Monday, November 11, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 218: 1989 Topps Stickers Back - #44 (Version 2)

Barry Larkin
Year:  1989
Brand:  Topps Stickers Back
Card number:  44

This is the second such 1989 Topps Sticker Back card in my Larkin Collection (you can see the first one here).  While the back of the card (i.e. the Barry Larkin portion) is exactly the same in both cases, it's the front of the card that changes.  In the first version, you get a pair of smaller stickers depicting two players.  In this version, you get a single foil sticker depicting a superstar at the time.

Unfortunately for Barry Larkin Collectors, all this means is that there are multiple versions of the card to track down where the Larkin portion is exactly the same.  It's a shame, but it's the price you pay for being an overly obsessive player collector!


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