Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday: Doin' It Up Listia Style

Black Friday is a day that I used to avoid like the plague.  However, the past few years my wife and I have braved the crowds and gone out to our holiday shopping.  Actually, we don't usually have to worry about the crowds because we do a lot of our shopping at smaller stores on Black Friday (stores that typically take part in Small Town Saturday or whatever it is that they call it).  In doing so, my wife and I might not get the absolute best prices on things...but we also don't get trampled by people hoping to score a Tickle Me Elmo or some such nonsense.  I'll take that trade.

However, for those of you who are smarter than us and decided to stay home entirely, there's always online shopping.  We all know about Listia by now - but here's my most recent Lista purchase.

Yeah, another LEGO minifigure from the Collectible Minifigure lineup.  This is the Diner Waitress from the most recent set (Series 11).  She's definitely not my favorite character but it's one that I needed.  The one thing I do like about the figure is that she has a name tag (her name is Tara - presumably the person who designed the figure at LEGO headquarters).  I also like the pink roller skates - they were a new piece for me.  The tray would have been nicer if it had some LEGO bumps on it so that you could connect food pieces to it.  As it is now, it's tough to balance the figure with the ice cream sundae on the tray unless you have the figure on the black stand.  It's a minor detail but when you pay $3 a pop (at retail) you want these things to work.  Of course, I got this for a fairly healthy amount of credits from Listia rather than at a store, but the principle of the matter remains the same.

The seller actually shipped the figure to me without the tray...but then realized her mistake and sent me a separate envelope that contained the tray.  It's not often you meet a seller on Listia that is that nice - it certainly helps to even out some of the poor experiences that I've had on the site!

As for the other figures that I still need?  You can find the entire list of what I'm looking for here - I'll happily trade LEGO for LEGO or even baseball cards for LEGO if you'd prefer!


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