Friday, November 01, 2013

UD Past Time Pennants Countdown: Beginning the List!

I've mentioned my love for the 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants set a number of times on my blog.  In fact, I liked the set so much that I bought myself a box with the sole purpose of completing the entire base set (which isn't too difficult given that the set is only 90 cards in size).  Since I like to get plenty of mileage out of my box purchases, I've decided it would be fun to do a countdown of the best cards in the 2005 set.  Even better, since November happens to have exactly 30 days, if I do 3 cards per day I can show off the entire base set, in order of my favorites, before December gets here!

Come back each day for the next post within the countdown.  I'll be sure to have other stuff throughout the month as well on my blog (like my ongoing Blogger Bracket Challenge contest - vote on the right of the blog)!  And with that, let's take a look at the countdown - beginning, as any good countdown does, with the worst card.

#90.  Ron Guidry

There aren't many "duds" in the set, but there has to be a worst card in any set.  In the case of '05 Pennants, it was an easy choice since the Guidry photo isn't memorable, interesting, or even in focus.  Also, the set is chock full of Yankees (as you'll see as the countdown progresses) so you can't even get excited by a Yankee on the card (or mad if you are like me and not a fan of New York).

#89.  Paul Molitor

The good news is that the photo is in focus.  The bad news is that it is simply a poor photo.  You have an off center image of Molitor along with some shmuck's legs chopped off in the upper left corner of the card.  It certainly feels like Upper Deck could have cropped the photo a bit tighter (thus removing the headless man in the background).  Furthermore, it sort of looks like Molitor just ate a full meal at Taco Bell and is grimacing knowing he needs to get to a restroom ASAP rather than pose for pictures.

#88.  Will Clark

Fundamentally, there's nothing wrong with this card.  It's a decent photo of a great player - but it's nothing special.  In most sets, that would still be enough to probably boost the card to the "top half" of the set...but not in 2005 Past Time Pennants.  Nope, this fundamentally solid card is relegated to the bottom three of the set...

I hope you all enjoy my trek through the Pennants set - and feel free to chime in on your thoughts as the countdown goes on.  Do you think I grossly over (or under) ranked a specific card?  Let me know - after all, that's the fun of a countdown!  Make sure to come back tomorrow for the next chunk of cards...eventually culminating in the top three cards in the set.  Who could it be?!


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