Tuesday, November 05, 2013

UD Past Time Pennants Countdown: The Shortstop Edition (plus Jack Morris)

This countdown is definitely one of the more ambitious things that I've ever tried to do on my blog.  Good thing I started writing these posts way back in July!  As for the countdown, we have yet to find a black and white photo...and I can say as a minor spoiler that by the end of this post you will still not find a black and white photo.  Maybe next time...(then again, maybe not).

We made it to number 79 in the 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants set yesterday - here are the next three in the countdown!

#78:  Cal Ripken Jr.

I believe a number of bloggers have mentioned that certain ballplayers tend to have more than their fair share of great cards.  I believe Russell Martin fell in that category (as a Dodger anyhow) as well as Ken Griffey Jr. Another player that I would put in that category is Cal Ripken Jr.  Unfortunately, this particular Ripken card isn't so great - though it's still good enough to clock in at #78 in the countdown.

#77:  Jack Morris

I like this card because you can see Morris' grip on the baseball just behind his head.  For some reason, I've always liked when a pitcher's photo allows you to see how he grips the baseball.

#76:  Ozzie Smith

As someone who was born in the early 80s, the end of Ozzie's career basically coincided with the beginning few years of my baseball card collection.  However, since I've been a Reds fan forever, I never really enjoyed getting cards of Ozzie Smith - he was always the shortstop taking away All-Star votes from Barry Larkin so I never liked Ozzie.  Heck, I even found his somersaults annoying.  I put this card at #76 in my countdown because I'm fairly certain* Ozzie is grounding out to Barry Larkin to end a Reds-Cardinals game and that's poetic justice.

*Certain - as in - I imagine it to be that way.  See also:  truthiness.

If I had to guess, I'd say we probably have about six more cards in the countdown before people start thinking that I'm totally wrong.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to hear some of you say a card that's coming up in a couple of days should have been in my top 10.  However, it's my list - so the card stays where it is.  Speaking of my top 10, have you figured it out yet?  Obviously, each post that goes live makes it easier for you since I eliminate three cards each time...  Without spoiling much, I will tell you this about my Top 10:  The Yankees have more cards in my Top 10 than any other team.

2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants - Best Cards, In Order (so far).
Note:  The card number is the number in parenthesis after the player.
#90.  Ron Guidry (74)
#89.  Paul Molitor (62)
#88.  Will Clark (87)
#87.  Kirby Puckett (50)
#86.  Carl Yastrzemski (14)
#85.  Mike Schmidt (57)
#84.  Keith Hernandez (49)
#83.  Jim Rice (43)
#82.  Gary Carter (32)
#81.  Bill Mazeroski (4)
#80.  Catfish Hunter (16)
#79.  Tony Gwynn (76)
#78.  Cal Ripken Jr. (13)
#77.  Jack Morris (39)
#76.  Ozzie Smith (61)


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