Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 224: 1996 Upper Deck - #219 - Checklist w/ Chipper Jones

Barry Larkin & Chipper Jones
Year:  1996
Brand:  Upper Deck
Subset:  Post Season Checklist
Card number:  219

In 1995, the Reds made the post season (a feat that's been quite rare in my lifetime up until the last few years)!  Happily, Upper Deck featured a Post Season subset in their 1996 set in which Barry Larkin (and some Chipper Jones guy) got to star on the checklist.  The checklist, however, is not for Post Season related cards but instead is simply cards numbered 49 - 96 in the set.  You can see that Upper Deck organized their set by team (as they usually did in the 90s).  This particular checklist begins with the tail end of the Cincinnati Reds (and features exactly zero Braves).

I think Upper Deck should have made the Larkin/Jones checklist cover numbers 1- 52 or something so that both the Reds and Braves would show up on the checklist.  It's little things like that which can make or break a card sometimes (and let's be honest, no one is getting excited about the black and white photos on the front with the hard-to-read text at the bottom of the card).


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