Friday, December 20, 2013

Raiding the Pack Stash!

This morning, I asked all of you if you had your very own pack stash for days where there's not much to talk about on the blogs (or for when you absolutely, positively want to open a pack of cards).  Well, tonight seems like a perfect time to raid my own pack stash since I a) have nothing else to talk about and b) said I would open a pack up this morning!

Before I get to today's pack, I will mention that since I wrote this morning's post I found one more unopened pack for my stash - a rack pack of 1987 Topps.  (Don't worry, I won't be opening that set today!)

Here's today's pack to be opened:

That's right - 1991 Fleer Ultra - one of the two packs in my stash that I'm excited to open up!  This pack contains 14 cards and 1 sticker - remember the days when packs contained a decent number of cards?  Oh the glory days.

Here we go - in the order I pull the cards.

37.  Tony Pena

The design of the 1991 Fleer Ultra set isn't great (too drab for my tastes) - at least on the front of the card.  I also wouldn't have liked these as a kid since there are no team logos on the front.

18.  Dave Johnson

The backs of the cards are much, much nicer than the fronts.  You get some color plus team logos - not to mention three (!) images of the player in question.

381.  Pat Kelly

What a funny prospect card.  This is great - and it might end up showing up in a Blogger Bracket Challenge as a writing seems perfect for such a venture.

367.  John Olerud
218.  Dwight Gooden

The first player of note in the pack.

248.  Rickey Henderson

The back of the card seems to summarize Rickey up in three simple photos.  Easily the best card so far (and most likely the best card of the pack).

334.  Alvin Davis
208.  Spike Owen
354.  Jeff Russell
261.  Jose DeJesus
295.  Lee Smith

I have Lee Smith's signature on a Reds hat that I got at a game one time (back when he pitched for the Reds).  Unfortunately, the signature was done with a ball point pen so you can hardly read it anymore.

275.  Barry Bonds

Woah - we hit the superstar jackpot with the Henderson and Bonds in this pack!  Not bad at all (plus this was pre-douchey Bonds).

235.  Roberto Kelly
200.  Delino DeShields
Astros Sicker

I used to love Fleer because they always had team logo stickers in their packs.  I stuck those things all over the place when I was a kid - and I still have a soft spot in my heart for team logo stickers.  I should also say that the old Astros' logo was awesome.

All things told, this pack stash raid really hit the spot - it soothed the pack ripping itch and I found some legitimately cool cards for my collection...not to mention a possible writing prompt card for my next Blogger Bracket Challenge (something that I think I'll be moving to mid-winter 2014 instead of November 2014).  The only downside to this pack was that I didn't get a single Cincinnati Red (though that's not surprising as I usually have terrible luck pulling cards of my own team).


Fuji said...

I have never been a huge fan of this set. Maybe it's because I way overpaid for a box of this stuff when it first hit the market. Anyways... after all of these years, I just realized that the photography is pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

This was around the time I stopped collecting as a kid,but I remember having tons of these laying around.I don't remember who the hot card from this set was.I know Bagwell came out in the Update set.

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