Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some More 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated Packs!

I'm back with another pair of packs out of the 1998 Sports Illustrated box.  So far, I pulled the Larkin mini poster which was one of my "must haves" from the box.  What other goodies await?  Let's find out!

Pack 5:
4.  Moises Alou
9.  Jay Bell

I like how the backs of the cards have various images - I'll have to wait and see if I get the full set and then compare the backs.  Do they repeat in a set pattern or are they "random"?  I'm not sure yet.

48.  Willie Greene
54.  Juan Guzman
57.  Rickey Henderson

I like this one - a different take on Rickey being Rickey.

Mini poster:
15.  Mike Piazza

Pack 6:
107.  Henry Rodriguez
118.  Frank Thomas
144.  Ken Griffey Jr.

Best overall player seems fitting for Griffey.

153.  Brian Rose
172.  Jacob Cruz

Mini poster:
1.  Tim Salmon

Not a bad pair of packs - the Griffey base card is nice (as is the Henderson from the previous pack).  I'm happy so far!


The Angels In Order said...

Are the Angels, including that Salmon poster, up for trade?

Nachos Grande said...

My duplicate Angels will be available. Once the box is fully busted I'll combine those cards with the ones I had from my childhood. Any and all extras will be available at that point. I'm going to wait and see how close I get to the poster set before deciding what to do with those (barring duplicates, I should get 24 of the 30 posters in the box)!

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