Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Second (and Third) Dosage of Baseball Trivia!

The 1995 Collector's Choice set doesn't get nearly the amount of love that it should.  So far, I've not quite gotten through half the box and I've already found a bunch of great images (not to mention some fun subsets and plenty of silver signature parallels).  What other goodies remain in the box?  Only one way to find out!

Pack 16:
11.  Mark Thompson
89.  Frank Thomas

This is another one of the trivia cards where you have to decide what MLB rules dictate given a certain situation.  Here's Thomas':
With Rickey Henderson on second, Mark McGwire hits a towering pop-up that is veering toward the stands in foul territory.  Frank Thomas follows it to the wall and makes the catch.  However, after hauling in the catch, Thomas' momentum causes him to fall into the stands.  What's the call?
A.  Both McGwire and Henderson are out.
B.  McGwire is out, and Henderson may advance at his peril.
C.  McGwire is out, and Henderson advances one base.
D.  McGwire is out, and Henderson cannot advance.
For what it's worth, in the two trivia cards that I've pulled so far (the other one occurred in last night's post), I'm 0-2 in terms of getting the question correct.  I guess I don't know baseball's rules like I thought I did!
177.  Turner Ward
235.  Rondell White
349.  Steve Finley
364.  Fernando Valenzuela
449.  Lance Painter
458.  Vince Coleman
Silver Sig:  16.  Tony Clark - Tigers
Silver Sig:  78.  Bob Hamelin - Royals

The Hamelin card gets the nod for "best picture" in this pack - I love this one!

Pack 17:
12.  Rod Henderson
88.  Ken Griffey Jr.

Another trivia card - that's three now.  Let's see if I can get this one right.
Cal Ripken Jr. rips a Randy Johnson curve, and the ball is on its way out of Camden Yards.  However, before going over the fence, the ball hits a wayward seagull.  Jay Buhner catches the bird, and Griffey Jr. picks the ball up the ground and fired to second, where Ripken Jr. is tagged.  What's the call?
A.  The ball was obviously leaving the yard.  Ripken Jr. gets a homer.
B.  Ripken Jr. receives a ground rule double.
C.  The play is live, and Ripken Jr. is out at second base.
D.  Ripken Jr. is out because Buhner caught the bird.
I wish option D were correct because that's hilarious.  And, if you've seen some of Buhner's baseball cards, you could easily imagine him catching a dying seagull in the air!
176.  Jose Valentin

Could this be the best spring training photo on a baseball card?  And if you will count the back of the card too...

This is the ultimate spring training image card.  I defy anyone to find a better example of spring training than this Valentin!
234.  Sean Berry
348.  Luis Lopez
363.  Kevin Stocker
448.  Joe Girardi
459.  Mike Macfarlane
Silver Sig:  189.  Danny Jackson - Cardinals
Silver Sig:  490.  Chuck Knoblauch - Twins

That was a fun pack though both silver signature parallels are available for trade.  I love the trivia cards - and I finally got one correct!


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