Friday, January 24, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 238: 1993 Topps - #110 - Topps Gold Parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Topps
Parallel set:  Topps Gold
Card number:  110

Beginning in 1992, Topps began inserting Topps Gold parallels into their flagship set.  In 1993, the Topps Gold parallel set mimicked the regular Topps' set with only a gold foil name plate at the bottom and a ToppsGold label at the top serving to distinguish the two sets.  While the Topps Gold cards were fairly rare in 1993, the parallels haven't held up well over time.  In fact, in today's age of over-foilization (my word), Topps Gold parallels from 1993 look pathetically tame.  In addition, like most cards that are heavy on foil, the Topps Gold set is tough to read - making this particular parallel clearly worse than the original card (and I don't particularly like the original card either).  I guess you could say that 1993 was a bad year for the Topps' flagship set.


Anonymous said...

These actually came 1 per pack, whereas the 1992 versions were 1 per box. A 1992 Topps Gold card will run you a little bit more than a 1993 parallel, but not nearly as much as you'd think given the odds are 36 times different.

I agree with you - the gold foil looks worse than the actual card. Particularly on this set (it's not as bad on 1992). But, at the time, I think this was somewhat new technology, so it seemed better then. Now that we've got 20 years of hindsight, the vantage point is different! Still, I think it's neat for a player collector like yourself to have parallels like this where they are at least manageable to obtain (not #'d out of 15 or something crazy).

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