Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Delivery Time! Everyone's Favorite Night Time Bird Drops Off an Elusive Eight Card!

Many of you probably never even realized that I created a page called my Elusive Eight which contains my eight "most wanted" cards from my want list.  In general, I've been terrible at advertising the existence of the space - and as such, I haven't had a whole lot of luck acquiring cards that reside on that list (which is a shame since they are usually the last one or two cards from a set that I might need).

However, once in awhile an astute blog reader sees that list - and then sends me a card off of it.  Such is the case with Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  The Elusive Eight card that is no longer eluding me?


And you thought my Elusive Eight would only be high valued, super rare cards.  Wrong!  This is a card that I'd guess a bunch of people simply threw away - but I decided to be the sucker who actually collects the entire set...and now I can safely say the set is complete!  Many thanks Greg!

Oh yeah, I've since replaced Miss Trudy Givens on my Elusive Eight page with a new card - so check it out!

In addition to the Murder in Willow Cove card, Greg also sent me a pair of 2013 Allen & Ginter cards from my want list.

First, a mini Heavy Hangs the Head card of King Louis XIV.

I enjoy this set quite a bit (especially because I usually learn something from reading the back of the cards).  In Louis XIV's case, did you know he called himself the Sun King?  According to the card, King Louis fancied his role in France as that of the sun in the universe.  Pretty cocky I'd say.

The second Ginter goodie from 2013 was this Curious Cases card of the Denver Airport.

I must be ignorant in terms of conspiracy theories because I had no idea that people that the Denver Airport was designed for Nazis (or some such evil group) to take over the world.  Don't take it from Topps though - there's always this guy.

In addition to the cards on my want list, Greg also sent a couple of random Reds my way.  I have to go with this 1977 Jack Billingham as my favorite of the bunch!

Thanks for all the great cards - and for inspiring me to learn about Kings of the old days and Nazis of the new day!  As always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


night owl said...

It broke my heart to give up on Trudy. But I could see the relationship was going nowhere.

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