Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Early Morning Pack Bust!

It's another cold, miserably morning here in north central Pennsylvania.  However, I'm lucky to have a warm place to sleep - so no real complaints from me today.  That's as positive as I can get though as I prepare myself for yet another day of work...

You know what will warm my heart a bit?  Baseball cards.

Let's open up some more from the 1995 Collector's Choice box.  I'm actually supposed to be leaving for work shortly so I'll only open pack this morning.  That will leave the final two packs for one last post (for this box anyhow) later this week.

Pack 34:
80.  Mike Piazza
168.  Jeff Blauser
226.  Darren Dreifort
340.  Mike Mussina
356.  Mel Nieves
440.  Andres Galarraga

Upper Deck (especially) seems to love having photos of players taking photos.  It's some sort of meta obsession I guess.
467.  Sean Bergman
CG8.  Crash the Game:  Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners

I don't have any plans to keep most of the inserts from this box - only the Reds really...and probably this particular card since I love almost any Griffey Jr. card (as a Red or not)!  
Silver Sig:  179.  Pat Listach - Brewers
Silver Sig:  474.  Mickey Tettleton - Tigers

Both the silver signature parallels are available for trade should anyone be interested in 'em!

Not a bad pack - and in fact, I'd say this will serve as a good start to my day!  Happy Wednesday all.


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