Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello, My Name is 371426300 (You Don't See This on a Baseball Card Very Often!)

My 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box is almost empty (which is a good thing I'm sure for those of you who are sick of reading about cards from the mid-90s)!  I'm a little sad that the fun is about to end - but seeing as how I still have three more Christmas boxes waiting for me, I can't complain!  I don't know if I've had this many boxes waiting to be opened (in terms of gifts - not Ginter cases that I sometimes purchase)!

Let's rip a couple more packs today - perhaps I can finish off the box this week!

Pack 32:
17.  Juan Castillo
82.  Barry Bonds
170.  Greg Vaughn
228.  Pedro Astacio
342.  Jamie Moyer
358.  Andy Ashby
442.  Curt Leskanic

What an interesting card - how often do you see a "Hello my name is:" sticker on a baseball player?  This must be how Upper Deck photographers keep track of the subject of their photos.  Clearly this was taken during spring training (a nice shot of a Wendy's ad on the outfield fence).  This card is my easy favorite of the pack - and it's quirky enough that it probably would have a chance to be a Top 10 card in the set (though this set is chock full of great cards so I can't guarantee that it'd crack the Top 10).
465.  Travis Fryman
Silver Sig:  282.  Marc Newfield - Mariners
Silver Sig:  328.  Bobby Jones - Mets

Pack 33:
18.  Mark Acre
81.  Kenny Lofton

A little bit of Upper Deck humor here.
169.  Troy O'Leary
227.  Ramon Martinez
341.  Bret Barberie
357.  Brad Ausmus
441.  Mike Kingery
466.  Danny Bautista
Silver Sig:  255.  William Van Landingham - Giants
Silver Sig:  321.  Joe Orsulak - Mets

Well, I ended up with a pair of Mets Silver Signature parallels in the packs, plus a Giant and Mariner parallel.  Arpsmith already claimed Van Landingham...but that was a previous pull so if there's another person out there who wants a Van Landingham silver signature parallel I have another one for you!


Nick said...

That Leskanic is definitely one of the funnier cards I own.

Anonymous said...

Curt Leskanic's cousin Katrina was the lead singer for Katrina And The Waves, who did the song "Walking On Sunshine".

...So does that make her Katrina 371426300?

roddster said...

The pics in that 95' collectors choice set are awesome. They have a much more personal and relaxed feel to them. Like everybody threw back a few beers then did the photo shoot.

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