Thursday, January 30, 2014

How About Some 1998 Fleer Tradition Pack War Action?

I have always enjoyed the Fleer Tradition line - but six packs into this box and I can see a pretty bad flaw in the 1998 Series 2 set.  Almost zero players who are worth collecting.  This is like Bowman except it's full of bench warmers and backup infielders...nary a star (or even a decent player) to be seen.

Will the next couple of packs change that or is Series 2 truly a wasteland full of guys with marginal talent?  Let's score each card accordingly and see which pack has better players.

Pack 07:
373.  Luis Gonzalez (+5 points, solid for a decent amount of time)
380.  Ron Gant (+2, never lived up to potential)
435.  Paul Sorrento (-1, just no)
454.  Tyler Green (-5, players like this are why I don't bother with Bowman, all hype, no true output)
473.  A.J. Hinch (+0)
497.  Jeff Blauser (+1 for longevity)
510.  Shayne Bennett (Why the "y" Bennett?  -2)
546.  Carlos Perez (-2 I guess)
Vintage '63:  Mickey Mantle - Yankees (I guess I'll give credit where credit is due:  +10)

13 of 15 IC:  In the Clutch:  Mike Piazza - Marlins (+10)

The In the Clutch cards are seeded 1:20 packs which means if I'm lucky I'll pull a second.  It's certainly shiny - and green!
Diamond Ink Point (1 point):  Jay Buhner  (I won't score these since they aren't real cards)

Pack total:  18 points
Pack #7 was saved by the two insert cards - the rest of the players were a rather pathetic bunch.  Can Pack #8 possibly top 18 points?  I know I'm not holding my breath...

Pack 08:
355.  Albert Belle (Good start even if Belle is a sack of poo according to most accounts:  +3 points)
398.  Jeff Kent (+4 for the Survivor - a show I'd love to be on!)

409.  Sean Casey (+5 for the Mayor - heck of a start by Pack 08.  Also my first Red of the box)

413.  Tom Gordon (+2)
459.  Walt Weiss (+0)
466.  Brian Jordan (-1, so much potential, so little in the way of results)
487.  Cliff Floyd (+1 I guess)
522.  Terry Steinbach (+0)
545.  Pat Meares (-1)
Vintage '63:  120.  Jeff Kent - Giants (Kent returns as a parallel, +8 I guess)

Diamond Ink card (1 point):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Pack total:  21 points

After the two good inserts in Pack 7, I didn't think Pack 8 had a snowball's chance in you know where.  However, a Red plus a couple of Jeff Kent cards helped Pack 8 edge out Pack 7.

I enjoy doing mini pack wars like this - it helps to keep the box break interesting.  Perhaps I'll do another one before the box is complete!


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send me your e-mail again. those gwynns are available and i do have quite a few Pacific cards to boot.

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