Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Mid-90s Goodies!

The 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box has 36 packs in it total.  Let's open up packs number 10 and 11 from the box tonight!

Pack 10:
16.  Tony Clark

I think poor 'ol Tony had to drop a deuce when this photo was snapped.
27.  J.R. Phillips
69.  Fred McGriff
157.  Mike Kelly
215.  Randy Myers
329.  John Franco
429.  Ron Gant
478.  Greg Gohr
National Packtime Ad
Silver Sig:  95.  Bo Jackson - Angels
Silver Sig:  422.  Jeff Brantley - Reds

It's not a Barry Larkin parallel, but I'll take it - any Reds parallel is welcome in my collection!

Pack 11:
4.  Armando Benitez
7.  Chad Ogea
182.  Dave Nilsson
240.  Cliff Floyd
354.  Ken Caminiti
369.  Ricky Jordan

Where'd you go, Ricky?
453.  Wally Joyner
454.  Jose Lind
Silver Sig:  41.  Mark Farris - Pirates
Silver Sig:  431.  Reggie Sanders - Reds

Woah, our second Reds' silver signature in the box!  Good stuff!  


Hackenbush said...

I'll take UD's photography over Topps' any day.

The Angels In Order said...

OK I was thinking those pink rookie cards were lame, but that one of Tony Clark is AWESOME!

P-town Tom said...

Jeff Brantley silver sig over Bo Jackson silver sig? I demand a recount!

Nachos Grande said...

Bo Might Know but Brantley's a Red... What can I say? I'm such a homer.

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