Monday, January 13, 2014

My Collector's Choice Box Bipped Me (with the Real Bip Roberts No Less)!

The bad news is that once again it's Monday.

The good news is that I'm still not even halfway done with my second Christmas box - and it's now mid-January.  This is an amazing feat for me - it's hard for me to leave wax unripped!

Pack 12:
3.  Ray Durham
8.  Quilvio Veras
181.  Brian Harper

Oh man - if I get an extra one of these I could see it being a great prompt for my next Blogger Bracket Challenge!
239.  John Wetteland
353.  Ray McDavid
368.  Doug Jones
453.  Wally Joyner
454.  Jose Lind
Silver Sig:  171.  Jody Reed
Silver Sig:  323.  Doug Linton

We were doing alright in that pack right up until the Joyner and Lind cards.  They are both duplicates (and Royal duplicates are hard to get rid of).

Pack 13:
2.  Scott Ruffcorn
180.  Matt Mieske
238.  Larry Walker
352.  Bip Roberts
One Bip!
367.  Ricky Bottalico
452.  Jeff Granger
455.  Jeff Montgomery
CG10.  You Crash the Game Silver:  David Justice - Braves

Silver Sig:  215.  Randy Myers
Silver Sig:  352.  Bip Roberts

Yeah, I got a regular Bip and a parallel Bip in the same pack.  Very funny Upper Deck - you win all these years later.  You win.

In unfortunate news, that is the second Randy Myers Silver Signature parallel in the box - and I also pulled another pair of Royals duplicates (giving me four Royal duplicates in this post alone - ouch)!


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