Monday, January 27, 2014

New Box Bust Here at Nachos Grande (Plus Outgoing Packages)!

It's now the final week of January and I'm just now getting ready to start ripping into my third (of five) Christmas boxes.  Quite honestly, I'm impressed that I've managed to display such patience - usually I'd just rip through all the boxes in one sitting!  I guess it helps that work has kept me crazy busy...and I'm getting back into the swing of trading too (you can see my trade counter suggests I'm on pace for over 100 trades in 2014)!

Speaking of trades, if you live in one of the following zip codes - you might be a lucky recipient of a package from me at some point this week (mailing will most likely occur on either Tuesday or Thursday for most of these):
  • 13601
  • 83651
  • 92688
  • N2H5M5

And now, something for everyone to enjoy (vicariously through me I guess):

My next box break - 1998 Fleer Tradition (Series 2)!

As a kid, I loved the Fleer Tradition line.  The box contains 36 packs with 10 cards in each pack - so this is another huge box bust!  I'm hoping it's as much fun as the Collector's Choice box was...and I have no doubts it will be since Fleer is usually good for fun and interesting inserts (in addition to nice photography in the Fleer Tradition line).  If all goes well, I should start the box busting after work tonight - so stay tuned!


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