Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sosa and the "Come Hither" Eyes.

Welcome back to another pack break post!  I've been having a ball ripping through my 1995 Collector's Choice box.  In fact, it's been one of the things that has gotten me through the past two weeks of school - two of the busiest, craziest weeks that I've had since I've started teaching at my current institution.  I have no idea why, but for some reason I've had multiple days (and it's only Thursday of week 2) where I've had in excess of ten students waiting for me when I arrive at my office after lunch.  Insane I tell you.

Sometimes after the hectic day, it's simply nice to come home, relax, and be transported back to a time when the only worry I had was whether my allowance would be enough to allow me to buy a pack or two of baseball cards.  That's another nice draw of the Collector's Choice line - ten card packs went for $0.99.  Even a 12 year old me could handle that once in a while!

Before I get to the next couple of packs, I should note that my pack count got a bit wonky since I opened a pack over at A Pack To Be Named Later but never took that pack into account on my blog.  As such, there will be no "pack 21" here - consider the APTBNL pack the 21st in the box.

Pack 22:
12.  Rod Henderson
31.  Jim Pittsley
65.  Kenny Rogers
153.  Dick Schofield
211.  Kevin Roberson
325.  Bret Saberhagen

You don't see a lot of cards featuring pitchers batting - but I have notice a few in this particular set (part of the fun of the photo selection if you ask me).
425.  Deion Sanders
482.  Kevin Tapani
Silver Sig:  3.  Ray Durham - White Sox
Silver Sig:  74.  Randy Johnson - Mariners

Both of the silver signature parallels were nice this time, though the better of the two was obviously the Randy Johnson.  I even like the placement of the signature - it makes the card look like it was really signed by Johnson!

Pack 23:
11.  Mark Thompson
64.  Frank Thomas
152.  Todd Stottlemyre
210.  Sammy Sosa

Creepy photo alert!  I think Sosa is giving the cameraman his "bedroom come hither" eyes.  Ew.
324.  Todd Hundley
424.  Hal Morris
483.  Scott Erickson
Silver Sig:  175.  Cal Eldred - Brewers
Silver Sig:  446.  Eric Young - Rockies
CG5. You Crash the Game:  Joe Carter - Blue Jays

Another You Crash the Game card which means this pack has three cards available for trade (a Brewer, a Rockie, and a Blue Jay).  It'd be hard to pick three other teams with fewer fans on the blogs...


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Sosa is just a creepy-looking dude, especially after the Michael Jackson bleaching.

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