Thursday, January 23, 2014

The End is Nigh! (The Final Two Packs of 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice)

I hope all of you have enjoyed my long, slightly overdrawn out process of opening the second of my Christmas boxes.  This particular box has left me with a large stack of cards (though I'm still missing giant chunks of the set) and quite a bit of trade bait (some of which has already been set aside for inquiring parties).  Now, it's time to finish off the box by opening the final two packs!

Pack 35:
19.  Orlando Miller
79.  Raul Mondesi
167.  John Smoltz
225.  Billy Ashley

For some reason, I like photographs showing the batting cage...  I can't explain why but it adds a bit more character to a card - especially one that is ostensibly of a guy just standing in the sun with a dumb look on his face.
339.  Ben McDonald
355.  Trevor Hoffman
439.  Roberto Mejia
468.  Mike Henneman
Silver Sig:  21.  John Mabry - Cardinals
Silver Sig:  45.  Reid Ryan - Rangers

Good news with the parallels...I believe there are enough fans of both teams that lurk around my blog and might want to take them off my hands.

Pack 36:
20.  Paul Wilson
78.  Bob Hamelin
166.  Jose Oliva
224.  Henry Rodriguez
338.  Harold Baines
354.  Ken Caminiti
438.  Dave Nied
469.  Mike Moore
Silver Sig:  131.  Geronimo Berroa - Athletics

This is my favorite card of the pack.  The dugout shot is another under utilized image on baseball cards...and another trick to instantly add some interesting elements to a card that is ostensibly about a guy sitting on his rear end.
Silver Sig:  392.  David Hulse - Rangers

And with that, the box is complete!  At first, I thought I got "cheated" out of my promised 1 per 35 pack gold signature parallel.  However, upon closer inspection of the cards that I opened previously, I see that the signature of Doug Linton (Mets) was actually a gold signature rather than the silver that I mistakenly thought it was.  Admittedly it's only a change in foil color but it still feels good to have found the "box hit"!


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