Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Fun Play at the Plate Image (and a Derek Jeter Insert Too)!

There's plenty of packs remaining - but we are winding down fairly rapidly.  Let's see if we can add to more people's stack of cards (and I know we will since it's time for another jumbo pack of Stadium Club)!

Pack 09:
41.  Gabe Kapler - Rangers
46.  Ryan Klesko - Padres

Congrats to Cards from the Quarry for landing one of my favorite base cards that I've seen in the set - I love this action shot!  The angle of the image, the dust flying, the's all great!
85.  Edgar Renteria - Cardinals
94.  Rafael Furcal - Braves
96.  Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
97.  Kenny Lofton - Indians
101.  Tom Goodwin - Dodgers
102.  Mark Grudzielanek - Dodgers
107.  Jose Valentin - White Sox
129.  Mark Johnson - White Sox

A great photo - especially because of the player in the background (not sure who it is) but look at that expression of determination!
142.  Jermaine Dye - Royals
143.  Roger Clemens - Yankees
158.  Adam Wainwright - Braves

There are probably quite a few people out there who like this card (I'm not one of them though).
163.  Bryan Digby - Braves
175.  Barry Zito - Athletics
184.  Eric Munson - Tigers
191.  Oscar Ramirez - Mariners
CA6.  Capture the Action:  Derek Jeter - Yankees

Another Jeter insert for Petethan!  The Capture the Action cards aren't really much more "action oriented" than many of the base cards - but the theme is a good one for a set like Stadium Club (and it beats the heck out of most of Topps' current insert offerings)!


Brady Umfleet said...
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Brady Umfleet said...

How can anyone NOT love the Waino card? Would look better with the birds on the bat. I have to say this really an attractive set.

Jeff said...

I'm gonna take a stab at the player in the background of the Johnson card and say its Jeff Frye.

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