Thursday, February 13, 2014

A "Future Stars" Card of a Guy Who Actually Became a Star in the Future!

I hope everyone is enjoying the group break so far (whether or not you are an active participant - I appreciate all of my readers)!  That said, I'm always interested to hear what you have to say - whether about a single card, a set, or even how I run the break.  For now, let's give you something else to discuss...

2000 Stadium Club Chrome:
Pack 07:
8.  Orlando Hernandez - Yankees
40.  Ben Grieve - Athletics
41.  Dave Nilsson - Brewers
58.  Tom Goodwin - Rockies
95.  Manny Ramirez - Indians

With that Nilsson card, only the Nationals/Expos spot remains without at least one card!  Not bad consider we've barely begun the break.

Pack 08:
70.  Bernie Williams - Yankees

This is a pretty cool card (even though the scan doesn't do it justice).  Good stuff for Petethan who claimed the Yankees.
121.  Jason Kendall - Pirates
164.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
204.  Lance Berkman - Astros

A "Future Star" card of a guy who actually became a star in the future.
246.  Mike Paradis - Orioles


Bru said...

That's a great looking young Puma there.

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